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•  In the Skin  •

Tattooing was a very special and involved period in my art career. It stands out as one of the most challenging, technical and exacting mediums I've ever had the pleasure to create within, and I tried my best to do it justice. 

I deeply respect the craft, and believe that tattooing demands an "all-in"  brand of respect. At some later point, I began feeling that a new chapter of my work was beginning to churn. I knew in my heart that I needed to follow this, but also knew that doing so would distract me significantly from my tattooing, which I didn't feel would be fair to my clients or myself as an artist. So while normally I love mixing up a lot of different media into one pot, in this case it felt right to direct my full focus to the current chapter in my work... More sculpture, More screen media, More splattering of paint. And here we are.

Through 15 years of working in different cities, completing thousands of complex pieces, and eventually opening and running my own studio, it was a dream to have lived that experience and been allowed  to collaborate with and place my "forever work" upon so many wonderful people. To everybody who I've tattooed over the years, it's been the greatest honor to have been trusted and allowed to place my art on your skin. THANK YOU.

Full Color

Black & Gray

The Story Continues...

If you're in the San Diego area and are looking for a clean, comfortable tattoo studio with top-notch artists, give my dear friend Mike Sirot and the crew a call at Eden Tattoo Gallery. I could not be more proud that the vision I started is being continued and surpassed in the hands of such good-hearted, talented folks.

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